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Hi my names Simon, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a bit now, and thought what better time to start than during mental health awareness week

If you were sat in a room with a real mix of people and said put your hand up if you or somebody you know has struggled or suffered with mental health, everyone would put their hand up!

1: There’s people (like myself) who would throw my hands up straight away! Yes I’ve had mental health issues and still have (haven’t we all)

2: There’s people who would maybe too embarrassed to admit they’ve struggled, men for instance not wanting to identify a weakness or to stand up and look the weaker man (which is complete rubbish)

3: And there’s the people that would sit there saying they hadn’t, and they live a happy content life, great childhood and up bringing (which is great) but really deep down sure they’ve grieved or never really got over or dealt with something

But that’s the thing with that banner of ‘mental health’ isn’t it, it doesn’t change the person that you are if you’re a number 1 as above, its about owning who you are and what you’re comfortable in talking about I suppose, just because you are or have struggled, been in and out of hospital, having problems doesn’t make you less of a person, if anything it makes you stronger I believe

So that’s what I’m going to be talking about on my blog, all things mental health, wellbeing, peoples experience, life experience, looking after and being kind to yourself, and just about anything really! Yes, I’ve got too much to say for myself, but I don’t care

From personal experiences, from trying to take my own life due to not being able to deal with my PTSD, but from getting the care and treatment I needed, that’s what brought me to where I am am today, and I can honestly say I know who I am now, and never been happier, and that’s all from talking!

Let’s go on this journey together, please follow and share this page, there’s lots more to come weekly

Thanks for reading


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